Choosing the right creative agency for your business.

Will you marry… us?

Does this sound familiar, you employ a content marketing agency, ask them to “just do it” pardon the reference, starve them of any form of input, then sack them off a couple of months later because they haven’t added £’s thousands to your monthly turnover.

It’s not you, it’s me.

When partnering with an agency, we say it’s like a marriage or relationship, you get out what you put in, if one half of the partnership isn’t bothering then it stands out like a politician’s tax returns – it doesn’t add up.

The best relationships or at least the ones that last the longest share something in common, its simple really, they share the same values and morals. A vision that this is something we both want, and we are going to work towards together.

We get it, choosing a creative agency is a big commitment, you are making an investment for the future of your business. It needs to work, make money, and provide a real impact. But from the get-go there are important things you need to consider before choosing the agency for you.

Company culture, the personality of the agency.

Arguably the most important part of hiring a creative agency is partnership. Can you see your team being able to work closely with the key people within the company you chose.

This relationship is vital, as you will be speaking to their team on a regular basis, discussing feedback, and going through different ideas. You need to feel like they are a good fit, that they have the values you’re looking for.

Do they feel like an extended part of your current team.

It’s not for everyone, letting an outsider in, treating them like an extended part of the team, sharing all the business secrets, but this is how we work – if isn’t for you then THE FEED isn’t the agency of choice.

Is the creative agency you are planning to work with, well, creative.

THE FEED team encourages our partners to be the best they can be, develop strategies that keep them ahead of the curve, push boundaries and attract new eyes to their brand or service.

So, it’s a slight worry when you stumble across a “creative agency” who has had the same website for 10 years, dull as dishwater blog and an Instagram as exciting as a, well you fill in the blank.

In the digital world life moves fast if you hadn’t already noticed. An old knocked together website might be have been functional then, but now it’s hardly innovative and doesn’t show that the agency practice what they preach.

An creative agency that isn’t posting regular, creative, original content doesn’t understand the importance of this for their own business, but they will be more than happy to tell you how to do it.

So, that’s it you have found the agency that has the right culture, fit for your team and are creative – what do you say will it be… Yes or No?