Creativity builds trust.

Creativity builds trust

Now more than ever we are saturated in media.

Thanks to smart TV’s, speakers, watches and phones we are never more than a power button away from being interrupted by a message that wants to evoke a reaction from us.

Algorithms are formed with every physical or virtual move we make. From our Tesco shop to the cat videos we watch on Youtube, even the games we play on our phones; each collates information about our likes and dislikes so that marketers can tailor a message we’re likely to listen to.

However consumers are being so overwhelmed with generic brand advertising, most of which is of no relevance to them, that they are just switching off. This is mainly because the relentless bombardment makes it difficult to know who to trust. And a brand without trust is a product, and advertising without trust is just noise. Trust is the key to reaching those that we need to engage with.

Consumers are ignoring the unremarkable.

Public trust in advertising is low, however brands that embrace their unique, authentic, creative skills can bring about a double win: greater consumer confidence and more effective campaigns.

The unremarkable, carbon copy inspirational quotes, cliched #foodporn pictures or Throwback Thursday posts have been done to death. It now takes something particularly special to gain traction and break out of the standard five likes from family and friends. It takes something worth making a remark about.

Advertising that people find emotionally engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable is the most positive driver of trust in advertising. But generating fresh ideas is actually quite challenging because most people find it difficult to get beyond obvious, incremental solutions. True creativity requires the ability to break new ground, which requires significant effort.

Creativity is attainable for everyone.

Great artists, musicians or entrepreneurs tend to be viewed as hedonistic, nonconformists blessed with a gift that eventually leads to you cutting off your ear, à la Picasso, but this is definitely not the case.

The truth is that everyone has creativity; it is a process that can be learned, honed and mastered. Tools can increase creativity, but one of the most significant ways to jumpstart creativity is to cultivate your internal drive to come up with new or breakthrough ideas.

Creativity manifests in different aspects of life, and changing your frame of reference can help with creative problem-solving and generating new ideas. The ability to look at problems from different angles, to connect and combine concepts, and the ability to challenge traditional assumptions.

This is where THE FEED shine.

We work with clients to make sure they are asking the right questions, exploring as many solutions as possible and making sure that their marketing is practical and convincing to others.

It doesn’t always take a carnival of the bizarre to grab attention.

Honest and empathetic advertising are just as likely to make a meaningful connection with your audience. If you are willing to let us into your business, give us the time to explore the stories your business has to tell and believe in our expertise to reach the audience you need to, then get in touch today and we can start your creative growth together.