Bustling market town? No, Nantwich is leading the way in innovation, you just don’t know it!

Bustling market town? No, Nantwich is leading the way in innovation, you just don’t know it!

Start a business they said. We know that might sound crazy, given the day-to-day madness rammed down our throats, cost of living crisis, house prices, fuel, potatoes, you name it. Start a business, are you mad?

But – Nantwich is thriving in these bad times, imagine what it will be like when things are better, dare we even say, good again.

The town has always been popular, but it’s this tag of “bustling market town” that got us thinking, it is quickly becoming much more than that and here’s why.

Proud of its heritage, of course, but it’s the forward-thinking businesses that are looking to the town. While a new core group of its own entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and innovators, that are carving out a new modern-day path for little old Nantwich that fills the town with excitement.

Innovation is around every corner, modern, creative, and cool as ****, Nantwich is ditching the old “full of charity shops” vibe with entrepreneurs dragging the town in to a new world, that caters to the modern day, social media savvy consumer.

There are so many businesses we can highlight, but we have picked out 3 of our favourites, that we can personally vouch for…

First up must be, Deadwood Smokehouse, banging out some unreal, smoked meats, burgers, and ribs since 2016, oh by the way, picking up a few awards as they go. With 7k followers on Instagram and food pics that make your brain drool… Luke and Aiden are Nantwich legends in the making – everyone has been, and everyone loves it, everyone knows Deadwood.

Then there is the amazing, Libby Bower Gifts, a unique children’s gift shop nestled in the cobbly Crown Mews. This place is a must for anyone buying a gift for a child. Beautifully handmade, you can feel every bit of passion, creativity, and originality as soon you walk through the door – starting out in 2014, they recently opened their first shop. They know what they are doing, and it shows! Instagram 5k – this place is fast becoming a standard destination for gifts –  “let’s just get a Libby Bower”

Stroll along Hospital Street and you’ll stumble across, The Little Paper Shop. Now this place is the one, “Not Your Average Design Studio” Cara and her team have created something special. That can be anything from, your uniquely designed stationery for any event, creative classes or just to grab a card that’s a million times better than those 99p ones in the Card Factory – TLPS is the place. Their Instagram is brilliant as well and has amassed, a not to be sniffed at 4k followers, this place epitomises, Nantwich’s New Trend.

So, that’s 16,000 Instagram followers across 3 business, in this leafy, sleepy, market town – but a metaphorical social media rocket is coming, up the town’s metaphorical back street, a BOOM is on its way!

We haven’t even mentioned the influencers, creators, photographers, videographers, and multiple other businesses that are carving out a future for Nantwich that makes it the most exciting town in Cheshire, if not the North West.

Yes, the market is nice and old Betty & Bob go every week, that’s also great!

But don’t be fooled, there is a tsunami of new people coming and a pretty good way to showcase who you are and what you do, to these new people is – SOCIAL MEDIA!

We might even create our own hashtag – #newnantwich ?