Towns are looking Platinum, but what more can be done?

Towns are looking Platinum, but what more can be done to drive consumer spend, when the decorations come down.

Strolling along the Nantwich streets you will hardly fail to notice the abundance of bunting draped from pillar to post, windows dressed, and British merchandise stocked high, all encouraging signs of towns’ independent business owners embracing next week’s celebration.

UK consumers are expected to spend £500 million pounds, celebrating Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, with more consumers planning to buy snacks, drinks and decorations to mark the occasion, according to research.

While all positive signs for next week, the important take away from this is to not lose the enthusiasm for offering that little bit extra, to lure customers in, it’s simply not enough to hope that the footfall returns from word of mouth.

As the whole of the UK tightens its metaphorical belt, every consumer is on the hunt for value, excellent service, and that little bit extra in order to part company with a couple of quid.

So, what can do be done to keep up the momentum and attract your prospective customer.

Social Media

SMEs really need to be on social media and engaging in the local conversations, this is the most effective way of reaching local customers. However, it’s not enough to just post a picture on “Throwback Thursday”; these platforms need to tell your story, who you are and what you offer, so a creative social media strategy is a “Must Have”.

Home Delivery & Ecommerce

The UK’s attitudes towards shopping isn’t changing, it has changed! Home delivery and a limit on the number of customers in store is now preferred. With the “Shop Local” boom still driving people to local stores, if they can’t make it to you, can you deliver to them? A simple Ecommerce platform will provide that added level of service.

In-store Experience

Invite the partner’s products you sell into store, host events and brand days for them to tell their story. Then integrate this into a social presence to promote the in-store experience. 74% of people use social media to either guide their purchase decision or visit to a store. Educate employees, as they need to know what’s happening online, keep them up to date with any news or offers that are running on socials.

To get the most out of social media, it’s important to put serious consideration into strategy and content. Sadly, many retailers don’t use social media strategically enough to drive sales and customer engagement. Loyalty is the key to profitability for local retailers, this drives brand loyalty and the modern-day WORD OF MOUTH…!