Where did THE FEED come from? Year one, the story so far…

Enjoying an early morning run along a Portuguese beach on our first family holiday, I find myself reflecting on THE FEED and what we had achieved over the last 12 months as a new business.

Born out of pure desperation more than anything, an idea, and a looming need to pay the bills, can I say that year one has been successful? Well, we still have a roof over our heads, put it that way.

Why did I start? I was broken by the “rat race”. I had developed a dislike for the corporate world or at least the part I was playing in it. The pandemic had flipped on its head the way in which the roles I was applying for were filled. Never had I felt so low. Just another number, applying for anything and everything. With my lack of interest in interviews clear for all to see. I had become unemployable.

Back yourself. The time had come. I was sitting through another pointless interview, pretending to be interested and at that exact moment the call ended, I turned to my wife and said, “That’s it, I can’t do that again”. The idea I had been working on for so long needed to become a reality and fast!

June 15th, 2021, THE FEED GROUP was registered with Companies House, I was a business owner, master of my own destiny. It’s what I have always wanted but I sat back and shouted to myself – “NOW WHAT DO I DO?”

There was a business plan of sorts and a potential client base, but who would give me a chance, believe I could add value to their business and trust me to deliver results. I’d never done it on my own before, so why should they?

After some support from close friends on odd projects, that opportunity I needed came in the shape of Danny and Pauline Griggs, Griggs Boutique Bathrooms. They were due to open a new showroom in Nantwich and wanted me to support the opening with a social media strategy – Perfect!

The event was a success, THE FEED had delivered a project and raised an invoice, we had started the ball rolling. At the opening event I met Chris Hogan and Nick Birchall, The Cheese Nantwich owners. Chris approached me from the corner of the room after not previously being introduced, asked me for my business card and if I could come and meet them. Our second client was about join THE FEED and it was all getting every exciting.

The months flew by. We met lots of new people, developed new relationships and a new way of working soon evolved. But I was in a rush, I wanted to build Rome in a morning, never mind a day. Because of this a lot of advice was provided and I listened to far too much of it. I lost sight of what I wanted to achieve, at times I felt completely lost – “YOU HAVE CLIENTS TO SERVICE, PAL, GET A GRIP!!”

Opportunities came and went, as did some clients. Lessons were learnt. Mistakes were made.

Year Two. Now what, we made it, just! Year one is complete and running and exercising has really helped me to clear my mind. I know what I want for THE FEED, and I know how we get there. I know what I need to change and how I change it. I know where we need to grow, and I know how to grow it.

Thank you. My footnote for the end of chapter one. A genuine heartfelt thank you to my family and friends for their support. The highs, the lows, calls every day, you have been there to get me through every minute of it.

To every business that gave me a chance, the ones that stayed and the ones that didn’t. Thank you, your support means the world to me, and I will do everything I can to improve, learn and grow – thanks to you all.

Come on then year two – lets see what you can throw at us! I am ready.